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Hiline WI

Circuit Board

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Carpet Tile:
20 tiles per carton
6 yd.² per carton
54 ft.² per carton

Stain Proof – No Exceptions™
Perfecting the balance between dye technology and understanding a fiber’s construction, our carpets feature a Stain Proof – No Exceptions™ warranty. Most spills can be easily removed through gentle blotting allowing your carpet to remain beautiful in spite of life’s little mishaps.

Backing Performance
Carpet tiles are manufactured to provide dimensional stability and will not delaminate from face fiber or edge ravel. Our Backing Performance warranty guarantees that the backing on this product will not shrink, grow, cup or dome, which ensures easy installation and product longevity.

Our carpet is guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Built to perform, carpet tiles offers strength from face fiber to secondary backing.

Carpet tile has great flexibility in design by mixing colours and patterns you can create your own unique look. Tile is easy to handle and can be installed in stages minimizing renovation downtime. Maintenance or repairs are simple, if a spill occurs the affected tile can be removed and cleaned or simply replaced if damaged, rather than replacing the entire floor.

10 Year Warranties
Commercial Wear
Backing Performance
Stain Proof – No Exceptions™