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Row Locator

Row Locator

Row Locators designed for showcasing indication for aisles, rows & more. 

Design carpet tiles to identify and easily locate aisles, rows, and more- while not distracting your interior appearance, style and presentation.

Navigating your auditoriums is a breeze with easy-to-read RowLocator Aisle Markers. Our lettered carpet tiles can be easily placed into existing carpet. A variety of color options helps them blend in while our standard 12”x12” tile size makes them hard to miss. Custom sizes available, and no minimum order needed.

…Say hello to a better experience at the movies.

Produced with stain resistant commercial-grade materials and using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, our Row Locator Floor Tiles are made to last and offer amazing performance while still displaying exactly what it is intended for- locating your rows.
• Size: 12″x12″ Per Tile, with/without 1″ Border
• Custom Sizes Available
• Personalized Customer Service
• Satisfaction Guaranteed